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The reel of metal no longer moves up: what should I do?
Check that the metal brake (n°9a) has been released and be sure to press firmly on the metal (and not on the red block).
Check that the metal has not been damaged or bent out of shape. If it has, remove the damaged section.
Check that the metal brake is working: using a pair of pliers, grip the metal band level with the tie box and pull as if trying to remove it; the band should be held firm by the brake and should not move backwards. If this is not the case, you can increase the tension of the brake spring, and sharpen or change the metal brake. (NB If the tension of the brake spring is too great this will prevent the metal from moving up correctly).
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The tie doesn't unreel properly: what should I do?
Check that the cardboard tube has been removed from the magazine and that the elastic feeds out correctly from the centre of the bobbin.

The tie doesn't cut properly: what should I do?
Check that the elastic tie is sufficiently stretched during the binding process (nylon screw n°21 should slightly compress it).
You can change the tie cutter.
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I want to bind my products more tightly; how do I do this?
Exert greater pressure on the elastic tie as it feeds out, by tightening nylon screw n°21.
When you grip the binder closed, do so in such a way that the tie advancer n°11 passes as close as possible to the object being bound (having fed out the minimum amount of tie needed around the product.)
Make best use of different qualitiy ties: PEGN ties bind more tightly than standard ties, which in turn bind more tightly than thin ties.

What parts are most likely to wear out?
The Attalink binder is designed to last. To reduce wear to a minimum, it is important to regularly oil the moving parts of the tying machine (see user instructions). If this maintenance is done regularly, the parts you might need to change are:
- the tie cutter (part n°4)
- the tie advancer pin (part n° 17A for 3A and 6-17 for 6A) Click here for how to proceed
- the sliding axis of the tie advancer button (n° 22 for 3A, n°6-22 for 6A)
- the central axis (part n°10)

I want to change or adjust other parts :
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