Technical FAQ Bundling machines

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How can I adjust the position of the metal ring on the binding element?
The height of the ring should be between 1 and 1,2 mm; it should be shaped like a "6" to grip the two ties correctly. The metal should be centred in the metal cutter (part n°BD11) and the tail of the "6" appears on the side of the tie grip wheel: to adjust this position, use the 2 1.5 Ø screws located on the sides of the binding block.

The metal reel no longer moves up: what should I do?
Check that the brakes are pressing down on the metal (maintaining ring for loading in release position).
Check that it is quite smooth and not jamming in the box.
Test the metal brakes: Using a pair of pincers, grip the band and pull as if trying to remove it; it should stay in place. If it doesn't, sharpen or change the brakes.


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