ATTALINK tying tool ATTALINK-6AP - Bundling machine


Workshop bundling machine for small packets: ATTALINK-6AP (400 x 1000 table optional)

This machine features an ATTALINK-6A tying unit mounted on a base, and a foot control pedal. The operator is free to use both hands to prepare the product for bundling and position it in the tying unit. A simple push on the pedal and the tie is automatically completed.

Thread tension is adjustable.

This fully mechanical unit is capable of tying packets up to 6 cm in diameter.

An optional table attaches to the base to facilitate handling and preparing the products for bundling

An automatic thread tension system like the one featured in the ATTALINK-6AR can also be fitted as an option

Max. tying diameter:

60 mm


82 mm

Table height:

890 mm.

Tying system:

Elastic thread crimped by a metal ring

Mechanical foot control

Option 1

SS table 400 x 1000 mm

Option 2

Auto thread tensioning system (same as ATTALINK-6AR)









View the video on ATTALINK-6AP with and without automatic thread reload :

Without automatic thread reload:
With automatic thread reload: