Bundling machines BACH

Asparagus bundling machine 

These machines are installed in most of Europe's larger asparagus processing plants.

The bundling machine consists of a conveyor belt of retaining arms which hold the bundles in place, a pneumatic binding mechanism and a system for removing the bundles from the retaining arms.

Operators feed pre-weighed bundles into the retaining arms; these are conveyed to the tying system which adds 2 elastic ties, after which they are lifted out of the retaining arms and manually removed.

BACH bundling machines are used to process green or white asparagus in bundles of 0.5 or 1 kg.

Capacity : 1,200 to 2,100 bundles per hour depending on the specification.



elastic crimped with metal ring

Power source

Tying : Compressed air / 6 bars
Conveyor : 380 volts - tri.

Length of conveyor belt

3 metre
(4 metres optional)