Incising pliers

Incising pliers
Our incising pliers are used mainly for vines (table grapes and more particularly the "Chasselas de Moissac" variety, but they are also being tested on other fruits (e.g. kiwi).

pince à inciser

Annular incision:

This operation is carried out when the fruit has set (first fortnight in July in a normal year) and when the grapes are no bigger than peas. It can speed up maturity by some ten days or so and encourages the berry to swell.
The technique is applied mainly to the Chasselas variety. It brings the season forward, thus extending the harvesting period.
Early maturity results in lower acidity in the berries, restricting the preservation of the grapes on the vine.
Using special pliers, growers make an incision all around the stem after the third shoot (counting from the trunk). The first three non-incised shoots can if necessary be pruned.
Early maturity affects only the grapes on the shoots located after the incision.
Annular incision results in temporary interruption of the circulation of sugars and growth hormones, directing their flow towards the grapes.
This increases the size of each berry.
For this reason, this technique should only be used on well-balanced vines, bearing a normal load and yielding a fairly supple grape.
Incision is of particular benefit when used on vines which are fairly precocious.
Growers renew this operation annually on the same vines without this resulting in any marked signs of weakness.
(Translated from « Chasselas de Moissac » - July 1989)