ATTALINK tying tool Parts for ATTALINK-6A


Model 6A

Name 3A 6A
6-1 Large arm 6A

6-2 Handle 6A   X
3 Stainless steel 3 Ø screw X X
4A Thread cutting blade (care if previous reference order n° 4) X X
5 Cutting device (on old models replaces frame and cutter) X X
5C Thread cutter (on old models replaces frame and cutter) X X
6-6 Metal cutting device 6A
6a Metal cutter - internal part X X
6-6b Metal cutter - external part 6A
7 Rivet X X
6-8 Metal strip guide 6A
9 Complete metal brake X X
9a Metal brake X X
9b Metal brake spring X X
9c 2.4 Ø axis of the metal brake X X
9d Axis blocking device / 2.4 Ø cap X X
10 Axis handle device X X
10a Axis handle X X
10b Axis blocking device / 5 Ø cap X X
6-11 Tie advancer 6A
12 Metal casing X X
6-13 Metal cutter rod   X
6-14 Return spring   X
15 Stainless steel 4 Ø screw X X
16 Elastic thread casing X X
6-17 6A Tie advancer pin
18A Thread block device casing X X
19N Complete thread block device X X
20C Exterior strip spring X X
21 4 Ø nylon screw X X
6-22 Sliding axis device   X
6-22A Sliding axis 6A
24 Metal brake wedge X X
25 Thread retainer X X